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06 May 2019

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    Celebrating your child's birthday after divorce can be a tricky situation. These tips can help.
  • Divorcing a Narcissist
    Getting divorced is tough no matter what, but be prepared for a battle if your spouse has narcissistic tendencies.
  • Best Way to Sell an Engagement Ring after Divorce
    After a bad marriage and a bad divorce, many women are ready to get rid of this symbol of eternal love. These tips can help turn your bridal bling into money.
  • Allow Yourself to Heal
    Denying the emotional pain of divorce by trying to avoid it or push it away can actually extend the time it takes to heal. Instead, allow yourself time to work through the grieving process.
  • 9 Ways to Make Visitation after Divorce Easier
    Newly divorced parents have a lot of adjustments to make, but ultimately they want to ease the pain for their children. Here are some tips to help take the sting out of visitation.

Life After Divorce?

The hurt and disruption caused by a divorce can make you question whether there can be life after divorce. How can I pick up the pieces and how good will the quality of life be after a divorce?

Cleaning Recommendations on a Budget

cleaning_suppliesCleaning out your money isn’t a prerequisite with regard to having a clean house.
Investing in cleaning supplies and/or even professional cleaners isn't a fun solution to invest your hard-earned money. Particularly when it’s simple for one to complete your springtime cleaning on a little budget. So listed below are unbeatable, thorough house cleaning tips you shall learn about how to make affordable household cleaning supplies, what tasks you need to outsource, and methods to earn back the amount of money you spent cleaning.
How exactly to Clean Carpet on a new Budget
Nobody likes renting an cumbersome and expensive rug cleaning machine. What’s worse is purchasing one. Neither is essential. Instead, develop a dry combination to sprinkle on your own carpet. Allow it sit, and simply vacuum it up together with your normal dry vacuum cleaner then.
·½ cup borax
·½ cup baking soda
·Your choice of necessary oils-peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, whatever scent you need
Bonus: You may also use borax, drinking water, and school glue to produce a fun slime” for the kids to have fun with when you clean “snow. It’s much less messy than it noises.
How exactly to Clean Laminate Flooring
Put in a few drops associated with mild dish cleaning detergent to the bucket of warm water and scrub your ground.
Does the ground have a new shine that it didn’t possess when it had been new? If the ground is shiny now, that means you've got a layer of grease or oil buildup. Add a ½ mug of vinegar to your soap and drinking water solution. This will draw the grease off the ground.
Dry with a new reusable dry mop or even towel.
How exactly to Clean Upholstered Furniture
Do a short cleaning with vacuum pressure. Work with a brush for additional dirty furniture. This can agitate the debris, allowing the vacuum to get even more thus. In the event that you don’t escape all the debris, it'll work as sandpaper on your own upholstery. People getting on / off the sofa shall cause the particles to rub contrary to the cloth. This can eventually turn your sofa threadbare.
As you’re vacuuming, search for stains. For red ink and wine stains, use hydrogen peroxide. Blend a teaspoon of dish soap with a mug of hydrogen peroxide. Blot the stain with a towel and the stain should lift quickly the couch. For dog stains, shampoo blended with drinking water should do the secret.
If you’re unsure what the stain is, a safe and sound solution is to get one of these general cleaning compound. Work with a 1:1 ratio of fifty percent dish detergent, half drinking water. Whip it before making use of. Dab the stain with a towel. Finish by blotting the location where the stain utilized to can be found with a towel dipped in tepid to warm water.
How exactly to Clean (and Polish) Hardwood
Work with a 1:1 ratio of vegetable essential oil and vinegar. The vinegar shall clean as the vegetable oil gives shine and protection. Rub in nicely, and let dry.
How exactly to Clean Windows
Get yourself a spray bottle for reusability and convenience. Throwaway containers are spending budget killers.
Combine one component vinegar with four components water. Add essential natural oils such as for example lavender for additional cleaning energy with a brand new scent! Don’t make use of towels to clean the glass. That leads to even more laundry and deterioration on your own nice towels. Instead, make use of newspaper. Newspaper is actually free to make use of and doesn’t keep streaks. Simply crumple up a full page of newspaper and utilize it like a rag. Make an effort to use webpages with the smallest level of ink. Although ink doesn’t move to the cup, ink could be transferred to the hands. Toss the vinegar scented papers once finished.
Many expert details use newspaper-even when their objective isn’t to save lots of money!
How exactly to Polish Silverware
Add one mug baking soda and ¼ mug water to a cup bowl (make certain it’s glass because the chemicals won’t respond to glass. Include the paste to a damp fabric. Rub the substance onto silver and silver plated products.
Note: Don’t make use of rubber gloves because they promote tarnish.
After cleaning, place the silverware in cloth or airtight containers. This helps sluggish the silver’s tarnishing.
How to Dust free of charge
Utilized dryer sheets make outstanding dust rags. Their anti-static properties shall repel future dust. Which means dusting less often!
How to Clean Stainless
Stainless appliances look wonderful but are inclined to showing water finger and marks prints. First, go in to the fridge and obtain oil and vinegar. No, you’re not creating a salad.
Put the vinegar right into a spray bottle. Spray onto the top. Look for the grain of the stainless closely. Like wood, stainless also offers a grain. Wipe the surface area in direction of the grain. Next, work with a mineral oil (such as for example olive oil) to revive a like-new shine!
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